Chalappuram Kudumbayogam

Kudumbayogam = Family Reunion. Held annually on May 1st.

The Thuruthel Family is a subdivision of the larger Chalappuram Family. Since the Chalappuram Family is very large and its members are spread throughout many places in Kerala, we are grouped into 3 geographic locations (Note: the Thuruthel Family is part of the Maneed Branch). The location of the annual Kudumbayogam usually rotates between these sites.

  • Mulakkulam
  • Mulanthuruthy
  • Maneed

The Chalappuram Kudumbayogam, is held annually on May 1st. The first Kudumbayogam was held on May 10th, 1995 at the Rev. Fr. GeeVarghese Memorial High School [Karikkodu]. Very Rev. Fr. GeeVarghese Mathu Thuruthel was the first president of the Kudumbayogam. The current president is Rev. Fr. George C. Chalappuram.
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Inauguration of the 1st Kudumbayogam [Mulakkulam] May 10, 1995
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