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Hello, welcome to our website! The Thuruthel Family is a sub-division of the larger Chalappuram family. This website contains plenty of information on both families.

The origins of the Thuruthel Family is from Vettithara, one of the two "karas" of Maneed village, located in the district of Ernakulam in the Indian state of Kerala. Click on the "Thuruthel" and "Chalappuram" links located above to learn more about our history (including the reason for us becoming a subdivision of the Chalappuram family). Visit the "Family-Tree" for information on the members of our family.

More links with additional information (such as other families related to the Thuruthel-Chalappuram family, family events, pictures of houses, and information on Vettithara) are located at the very top of the page. To give feedback or comments, click here or the feedback button. This website was redesigned in December 2010. To visit the old website, click on the "Old Site" button at the top of the page.

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thuruthel house

Thuruthel House

This website is dedicated to the memory of Very Rev. Fr. GeeVarghese Mathu Thuruthel (Chalappuram).

The Thuruthel House, shown above, was built by Rev. Fr. GeeVarghese in 1950. Click here to learn more about the Thuruthel House.