Thuruthel Family History

The Thuruthel Family is a sub-division of the larger Chalappuram Family. The Thuruthel branch of the family begins with Mathu Chalappuram [Chalappuram side] and Acha II Thuruthel [Thuruthel side].

The Thuruthel Family history is split into two sections:
[ History-1 for Chalappuram Side ] or [ History-2 for Thuruthel Side ]

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Thuruthel Family

This picture shows Rev. Father GeeVarghese Mathu Thuruthel, some of his children, and grand children.

Standing: Varghese T (Juby), Sophia, Elizabeth (Kochumol), Aleyamma, Mathews Sitting: Sosamma, Alamma, Rev. Fr. GeeVaghese M. Thuruthel, Jacob Front: Varghese J (Roby)

History 1 - Mathu Chalappuram becomes Mathu Thuruthel

Note: [ This section of the Thuruthel History shows how the Thuruthel Family is tied to the Chalappuram Family and focuses on Mathu Chalappuram. The image on the right shows Mathu Chalappuram's brothers and sister. To learn more about the extended Chalappuram Family (outside the Thuruthel Family), click here or the purple "Chalappuram" button located above. ]

Mathu Chalappuram was the second son of Varkey and Mariyam of the Chalappuram House [Mulamthuruthy]. He had five brothers and one sister (See the image on the right). Mathu married Acha II, the daughter of Mathai and Mariyam Thuruthel [Vettithara]. Acha II was the only child of Mathi and Mariyam Thuruthel, so Mathu moved to Vettithara to live with Acha II at the Thuruthel House. Mathu Chalappuram also officially took up the Thuruthel name and thus became Mathu Thuruthel. This is how the Thuruthel Family is connected to the Chalappuram Family.

Mathu and Acha II Thuruthel had seven children - four sons and three daughters. They are from oldest to youngest): Very Rev. Fr. GeeVarghese, Mariyamma, Mathai, Saramma, John, Annamma, and Ouseph (for more details, see below or see the family tree).

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History 2 - Panakunnel to Murimackil to Thuruthel

A person (name unknown) from the Pakalomattam Family settled at [Panakunnam] near [Mulanthuruthy]. This person's descendents were known as the Panakunnel Family.

Someone from the Panakunnel Family (name unknown), along with his brother (a Syrian Orthodox priest), settled at [Vettithara] and established a new family called Murimackil. Acha I was the daughter of this person. She had two brothers and two sisters: one brother, Thomman Ulahannan, was living at the Murimackil House and the other brother was living at the Cherukarayil House; one sister was married to the Mureeckil House and the other sister was married to the Keerimolel House.

Acha I was married to someone (name unkown) who was living in [Perumpilly] near [Mulanthuruthy]. After the death of her husband, she, along with her only son, Mathai, returned to [Vettithara]. Once she was back in [Vettithara], Acha I's brother, Thomman Ulahannan, acquired four acres of government land (now known as Thuruthel) for her. The Thuruthel name is derived from the name of this land. Acha I started a store (Peedika) on this land (exact location is where Mathai Mathu Thuruthel's house is currently located). This is why Acha I's descendents are called by another name, "Peedikayil".

Acha I's son, Mathai, her brother, Thomman Ulahannan, and Rev. Fr. Mathai Vadath's father (name unknown) started a store named "Kolangaypeedika" at [Piravom]. Acha I's son, Mathai, married Mariyam from the Maliyekkal House in [Piravom]. Mathai and Mariyam had two daughters. The elder daughter was Acha II. The younger daughter died at an early age.

Acha II married Mathu Chalappuram, son of Varkey Chalappuram. Since Acha II was the only child, Mathu Chalappuram came to live at the Thuruthel House and took up the Thuruthel name (see History-1). Acha II and Mathu had 7 children: 4 sons and 3 daughters.

Name Spouse Location
Rev. Fr. GeeVarghese Mathu Thuruthel Alamma
from Karimbil Puthenpurayil now known as Ampattuthottathil House [Vettithara]
Mariamma Mathu Vattappillil John
from the Vattappillil House [Vellikulangara]
Mathai Mathu
from the Chalakkattu House [Maneed]
Saramma Mathu Parakkattil Pappachan
from the Parakkattil House [Poothrikka]
John Mathu
from the (House name unknown) [Thiruvalla]
Annamma Mathu Pallathattayil Joseph
from the Pallathattayil House [Mulanthuruthy]
Ouseph Mathu
from the Mangalath House [Iddukki]

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